'FRAGMENTS (from everyday life)'




Matyas is an award-winning pianist, singer, composer and piano tutor of Hungarian origin, living in Colchester. He writes pop and contemporary classical music and performs both as a solo pianist and pianist & singer.

He started to learn to play the piano at an early age. Later, under the influence of Péter Máté (legendary Hungarian pianist and singer-songwriter) he started to sing as well. In 2004 he won a performing competition, ‘The Lyre of Gúta’, then with his song ‘Szülőföldem (My Homeland)’, written in 2005, he became regionally known. Between 2004 and 2007 he toured in Slovakia and Hungary with Péter Máté tribute concerts as well as performing as a solo artist. He was a frequent guest at festivals and fetes.

From 2009 he studied jazz, composition and musical performance at the University of Essex - Centre for Music and Performing Arts, where he gained a BA degree with distinction in 2012. In 2011 he won the Canon Jack Award for solo piano, performing 'Rhapsody in Blue' by George Gershwin. In 2012 Matyas' composition 'Bill's Tune' won second place in the Roy Teed Cup of Composition.

In the spring 2018 Matyas was the male lead singer and a keyboard player in the 'Tubular Bells Live 2018 UK Tour', performing Mike Oldfield's most famous pieces and songs. In September 2018 Matyas completed a very successful concert tour in Europe. In November 2018 he released his album of piano compositions 'Patterns'.

In the summer 2019 he recorded his new solo piano album 'FRAGMENTS (from everyday life)', that will be released on 5th November 2019,  featuring his compositions representing various aspects of everyday life.

In April 2020 Matyas completed a successful composition marathon, composing a short piece for the piano every single day. He is planning to release all the 30 pieces on a new album 'April In My Mind' later on in 2020.

He currently works as a piano teacher and session musician, as well as performing his own compositions and cover songs to audiences at concerts, festivals and functions.

His albums so far: Merre induljak el (demo) [2004], The Mornings [2015], Patterns [2018], Fragments (from everyday life) [2019]



'April In My Mind'


In April 2020 to use the extra time as a result of the coronavirus lockdown Matyas decided to do a composition marathon for 1 month. He composed a short piece for the piano every single day. The video to the left is just one out of the 30 pieces he wrote within a month. The pieces will be released on an album 'April In My Mind'. Please click on the link below to see all the compositions of Matyas' COMPOSING MARATHON!

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