Matyas Bacsó - Piano Concert - Introducing his new album 'Fragments'

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Headgate Theatre, 14 Chapel Steet North, CO2 7AT, Colchester

After last year’s successful concert, award-winning pianist and composer, Matyas Bacsó is back at the Headgate Theatre to introduce his newest album of piano compositions ‘Fragments (From Everyday Life)’. The compositions represent various aspects of everyday life: family, home, work, travelling, change of seasons, birth and passing, belief and hope. Matyas’ humorous explanations bring to life these wonderful pieces, firing the imagination.

MY NEW ALBUM 'FRAGMENTS (from everyday life)' IS OUT SOON

MY NEW ALBUM 'FRAGMENTS (from everyday life)' IS OUT SOON

"Thirty years ago I saw Richard Clayderman on TV performing 'Ballade pour Adeline'. If I remember correctly the composer, Paul de Senneville, wrote this beautiful melody in memory of his baby girl, Adeline. I was already interested in music by then, but after hearing this, I wanted to have lessons to learn to play the piano. Music and the piano are now such an integral part of my everyday life. Music became a world, where I could find myself over and over again; which became my shelter in difficult times; and where, within the boundaries of the physical world, I could create my own abstract world. Perhaps this is the reason why I was interested in composition right from the beginning. With musical notes I could create something new, something original. 

A few days ago we were doing a video shoot for my upcoming album of piano compositions. That’s when it occurred to me that perhaps, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary, we could do an impromptu recording of this piece as well.

So in memory of the past 30 years here is Ballade pour Adeline, the piece that started it all. I hope you’ll enjoy it - I still do!"

Matyas is an award-winning pianist, composer, singer-songwriter and piano tutor based in Colchester.

He is involved in a variety of musical projects. As a session musician he often plays for studio recordings, regularly works for Monitor Music Agency and performs at weddings and other private and corporate events. Matyas also works as a musical director at Theatricool - a performing arts school, in Colchester.  As a private piano tutor he enjoys sharing his knowledge, experience and passion for music with others.

In the spring Matyas was part of the 'Tubular Bells Live ' 2018 UK Tour, performing Mike Oldfield's most famous pieces and songs, where he participated as the male lead singer and one of the keyboard players. It was a privilege to work with Phil Toms, a musical genius, who managed to transcribe one of the most iconic compositions of the 20th century, 'Tubular Bells'. The piece was performed in its original form, which up until then, had been considered impossible...

In September 2018 Matyas completed a very successful concert tour in Europe. Starting in Saint Victor, France, with a private function, he then gave 2 concerts in Slovakia (in Levice-Léva and Topolniky-Nyárasd), and 2 in Hungary (in Visegrád and Budapest).

In November 2018 he released his album of piano compositions 'Patterns'.

Currently he is working on his next album, Fragments, to be released in the Autumn this year .

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