FRAGMENTS (from everyday life)

The album is compiled from selected pieces representing various aspects of everyday life. Fragments of the big picture: family, home, work, travelling, the change of seasons, birth and passing, belief and hope. They represent a story, a concept, or observation taken from the family I grew up in, the experiences I have had and the world that surrounds us.

Genre: Contemporary Classical Music, Solo Piano

Featured tracks: The Family Feast (1) Amalfi Coast (3), Lullaby (4), Sunday Morning (6) Colours of Autumn (7)

RELEASED ON 5/11/2019


The Family Feast

This composition commemorates our old family celebrations. At festive times (Christmas, Easter, etc.) the family got together at my grandparents’ house. The first part is about how Mama, my grandmother, is preparing for the feast, days before the event. As time progresses, she gets more and more frantic. In the second part of the piece the party kicks off and Mama is running back and forth producing the most wonderful and tasty food. The next part is about the day after the feast. After a challenging day Mama can barely get out of bed. She feels completely shattered. In her thoughts, that are slightly distorted by pain, she relives the events from the previous day. In the fourth part, forgetting about all the hardships, everything gets repeated in the same way for the next family celebration. 

Romance in the Park 

This piece is about the exhilarating, uplifting feeling that a carefree couple in love experiences, walking in the park hand in hand. A really special moment, which one wishes could last forever. 

Amalfi Coast

The composition describes two completely different sides of the Amalfi experience. The first part is about the captivating, amazingly steep, rocky coastline, the stunningly blue sea and the colourful houses in the sunshine. The second part is about the experience of hiring a car as a foreign visitor and driving along the narrow and frightfully zig-zaggy, serpentine roads and marvelling at the local driving style! 


I wrote this piece after the birth of our daughter. As I was holding our little baby in my arms at the hospital, a feeling of inner peace and happiness beyond expression took over me. Time seemed to stand still and suddenly nothing else mattered. A wondrous experience! I went home and I felt I had to sit down at the piano because something was going to happen. So I sat down still filled with this feeling of serenity and I started to play this melody straight away, as it is. 

Birds in the Garden

In our garden where the ivy climbs up on the fence, in the shade and protection of the leaves, a blackbird couple decided to build a nest. I often watched them through the window with interest, as they were building their nest and later diligently feeding their little ones. 

Sunday Morning

This piece is about the very pleasant feeling when, after a week of hard work, one wakes up Sunday morning and realises that it’s a day off, no need to go to work! 

Colours of Autumn

Peacefully falling leaves, pleasantly warm October day. As you are watching the awe-inspiring colour parade of the autumnal forest, it does not seem real, you almost can’t believe your eyes. The autumn often awakens melancholic feelings in one’s soul. How can something, that is essentially the messenger of evanescence, be so grandiose and magical? 


Apart from birth, passing is also a natural part of our lives. Saying goodbye is always hard. It is hard when it happens suddenly and one cannot prepare for it, but it is also very difficult when one knows that it is imminent and it cannot be avoided. This composition is about anticipating fate from the perspective of the relatives and people left behind. One’s brain knows that it has to happen, but the heart protests against the thought. 


About a year ago I had an impulse to compose a piece that is essentially a prayer expressed in music. I started writing something that developed into a musical expression of our ancient, most famous Christian grace - the Lord’s Prayer. This piece works as an independent composition, but it also provides a melody to enable the Hungarian version of the Lord’s Prayer to be sung.

A collection of beautiful and expressive piano works performed almost effortlessly but with much emotion and feeling ”

Phil Toms, Head of Music & Performing Arts at UCC and BBC Essex reviewer.